Insurance Digitalisation

Every aspect of the Insurance industry is benefitting and will continue to benefit from the massive impact of digital technology.

INED Positions

Director positions – enhance your governance and utilise invaluable experience

Financial Institution Operational Risk Management and Insurance Strategies

Seamless and smart insurance and operational risk strategies that talk to each other.

Captive Insurance Company and other Risk Financing Strategy

Tap into deep totally objective expertise to assist you with professional reviews of your optimum risk financing strategy.

Employee Benefit Scheme Financing

We help you manage the dilemma of first class employee protection with the ever increasing associated costs.

MGA Consulting

Leverage our experience to develop and manage MGA’s in Asia Pacific

Cyber Risk Consulting

The Cyber Criminal is the wolf at the chicken coop with an open door.

Insurance Scheme Consulting

Scheme strategy and direction – RACSAP has a wealth of experience

Broker and Insurer Selection – Tender Management

Years of inside experience to provide you 360 degree views and get the best from the tender process.

Governance and Ethics

Independent objective advice on critical governance and ethics policies.

Compliance and Regulatory

We help companies, large and small, meet their ever more complex and time-consuming compliance obligations.

Contract Claims and Litigation Management

Why you should consider outsourcing your claims management to RACSAP