INED Positions

Director positions – enhance your governance and utilise invaluable experience

It is now widely accepted that non-executive directors bring essential governance and value to the boards of both larger listed and smaller companies.

In Singapore for example, The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued a revised Code of Corporate Governance this year and one of the changes will be enforcing the 9-year rule for independent directors. The revised Code will take effect for Annual Reports covering financial years commencing from 1 January 2019.

A longer transition period of three years will be provided for changes in the SGX Listing Rules relating to board composition, to provide companies with more time to make board composition changes. However, what this does mean is that a number of companies will need to identify new non-executive directors for their boards.

Our consultants are well connected and experienced, with a history of board directorships across many different types of organisations and throughout multiple jurisdictions in Asia Pacific and beyond.

As well as providing essential balance and governance around board decisions and direction we are able to bring extensive relationships across the industry that will provide an important business benefit to your organisation.

We can add particular value to the boards of organisations with extensive risk and compliance needs.

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